Why do you Blog?

My core message
I blog because.... I believe that a particular idea that I have taken action on, and have come to experience first-hand, WILL change the direction in thinking and action of another person also passionate about the same topic.
The result: Changed lives for the benefit of all.

My initial motivation for starting a blog 18 months ago, was predominantly from a SEO (search engine optimization) point of view.

I wanted to secure high rankings with the top search engines, especially Google. Others I know want to make money from blogging. Yet, the best blogs are those about topics where you get the feeling that the writer has had a personal experience or view-point (discovery) to share. A valuable idea that has made an impact on their lives and they want you, the reader interested in the topic, to benefit as well.

All who have read my blogs would know that I am passionate about business principles, graphic design, web marketing and personal development. Those are the topics I constantly blog about, and hope that you will find some idea of value in it.

In my previous blog titled: Using Facebook for Business, I shared and revealed the benefits of integrating Social Media with your business website. (This means creating links to and from your website to your Facebook Business Page. Note: NOT your Facebook personal profile) I have no control over whether those readers acted on my advice or not.

We all have different ideas – some we agree with and others we might strongly disagree with.
However, it is in this exchange of ideas on which you consider and ponder from time to time, that you eventually set off in a different direction as you go out and apply or test the benefits of a suggestion for yourself.

It could be only a slight change or it could be a life-altering change to your lifestyle.

Because of my past experience, I suggest and give you the following advice:

Start a blog about a topic you are passionate about and post it on the internet (Using Wordpress makes it easy for beginners). It is just not good enough to read and read.... and read.

Sometimes we MUST take courage and also share our personal perspective and unique experience relating to the topic for the benefit of all mankind. Then the magic happens: you will find that you will blog, talk and suddenly take action, however small, on your ideas and you will start to experience some small change in direction in your life.

Let me now give you two simple examples of how blogging has made an impact on my life.

Example 1:
My blog about social media integration has more than doubled traffic to my website (I can show you the analytics as proof) Also it has increases better and more communication with my target market.

Example 2:
Since I have started blogging, I have found that the content has become more personal and others have found it to be of value to them. More people have responded positively to my topics via e-mail. I have found that people trust me and benefit from my one-to-one computer training offers.

So in conclusion may I reinforce what I have written by giving you my core reason for blogging again: .... I believe that a particular idea that I have taken action on, and have come to experience first-hand, WILL change the direction in thinking and action of another person also passionate about the same topic.

My question to you: Why do you or don’t you blog?

Calvin Dorman
  Below you will find links to direct you to the different articles I have written about my business beliefs and experiences.

These are my personal opinions, perspective and veiws which I have formed over the past 18 years as an entrepreneur.

I know my veiws will change in the future as I am open-minded about change.

I believe that one is continuously learning as one adapts to a changing business environment -especially technological change and associated business practices

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