Facebook- from my Viewpoint

Business people have been meeting and exchanging business cards (and business ideas) for many decades, usually taking the form of a business breakfast.

Well, I think Facebook is an extention of that concept of interacting with like-minded people.  Would you agree?

Facebook (social media: including Twitter, YouTube etc) works best when integrated with my business website where the full content can be stored on a page. 

I have a page on my site (which has a facebook “I LIKE “ link and an RSS FEED) which has all the detailed info I want to share this week to my business club (ie interest/network group) including photos and video clips.

Then, on my Facebook Wall and my photos, blog, notes, video tabs………. I post snippets/comments about my website page and share it as well as tag it to my business club- known in facebook terms as: my community; my group; my network members or simply, my fans.

My network group of eg  100 people can now view my post from their feed when they log onto their facebook home-page.  Now the opportunity arises for them to : Go to my website , and get the full content details, Interact with me by leaving a comment. Pass this helpful or interesting info on to their own network groups

The result:
1. Useful, valuable information is shared
    2. Greater awareness of that page on my website as well as the opportunity to browse the entire site
    3. Opportunity to grow my facebook network
    eg. A 120 friends after the page was posted.
    4. Can share info quickly to a large number of people.
    5. Can get feedback and connect with people on a one-to-one basis. 6. Good for SEO:  higher google ranking due to good content and good back links.


1. Do not spam.
2. Keep in touch
on a regular basis eg. Do not miss a week.
3. Be authentic – be the real you, put a voice to your knowledge:  create a network circle of trust (which could become influencial)

Calvin Dorman
  Calvin Dorman  

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