Business is about Solutions

Business is about Solutions. Stay focused on the solution - not the problem.

Think right, talk right, act right, live right,
and you'll get the right results!

Life is too short to waste on negativity, lack and problems - Don't act or talk as if problems exists, whether in your business or in any area of your life. This does not mean you are in denial or burying your head in the sand.

No, you are aware of the problem (whatever it may be; at any particular time) and you are working on it. You are taking the action, you are getting up early in the morning and tackling the problem head-on with the right solution.

But the difference is.......

.... you are not talking about it as if it is a terrible, daunting and unsurmountable problem. Instead your attitude is:"This is going to be easy to get right."

Example: Every business owner knows about monthly sales targets that has to be achieved. I can tell you about the "cold sweats"

I have experienced from time to time when the last week of the month arrived and my business expenses seemed as if it is was going to be impossible to pay.

Negative thoughts then suddenly start to ride wild in your mind: how am I going to pay my team, how am I going to cover my fixed costs or meet my marketing budget? Well, my friend, the answer is simple, but it does take a lot of disciplined practice. And here it is again.

Think right, talk right, take the right action, live right
(within your budgets) and only then you will have the energy and power to make those extra calls and effort to get the extra sales you need.

Let's make up our mind - let's find solutions and get stuck into the problem right now.

Calvin Dorman
  Calvin Dorman  

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*4 classes, over 2 weeks
*Total: 12 hours training
*2 intakes per month
*Best offer - value for money
*Training presented since 1998
* Ideal venue: (Northern suburbs)
Tygerberg Art school-

CADclass focusses in giving anybody (young and old)
ONE-TO-ONE AutoCAD 2016 training in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.