Self-Belief will make you unstoppable

I heard a remark in a seminar sometime back,
“If you do not believe in yourself, why should anybody else?” The thought stuck with me.

Setbacks do not slow me down. I am driven, motivated and passionate. Success drives me forward. However, even if you possess a strong self-belief, this confidence must never turn into arrogance. No matter how good you are, you will never arrive and know it all.

Believe in the strength of your abilities and business skills and do not doubt yourself for one moment. Sure, there is always someone that will be better than you, but all skills/abilities can be improved on. In sport, new records are set year after year. Seldom has an achievement been reached which cannot be improved on.

So I have to be confident in my abilities and improve on them all the time. There is no time to stop or slow down, I have to work on them continuously. Everyday.

I cannot allow setbacks to paralyze me into procrastination and non-action. The worse thing tom do is to do nothing. Action is always needed. I find the confidence in my skill level and my hard work at improving it all the time, is the one factor that makes a huge difference. It gives me the energy and emotional fuel I need when business deals do not always work out as planned.

I have learned to adapt to changing business circumstances and adapt to the different needs of different clients.

If there is a new business skill I need to learn, I do not hesitate, but will spend days/nights learning it. I recently improved my skill level in online marketing and I have started reaping the rewards.

I am now also more focused on providing clients online shopping which I will have available soon.

I have also come to believe that all business people should have a business coach as well as a mentor to help them stay confident, focused and overcome temporary setbacks. A strong self-belief will make you unstoppable.

Calvin Dorman
  Calvin Dorman  

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