What is Excellence?

One of the beliefs I live by is:
Excellence is a COMMITMENT to the COMPLETION of my dream, not just the pursuit thereof.

In other words, if you have discovered what you are passionate about (your Dream; your Destiny) make sure you stick to that dream.
As you set short-term goals and you find it difficult to achieve those goals, don't give up on your dream, but get another plan.

You can have a plan B if plan A does not work, BUT you can only have a plan A regarding your dream. And you stick to it UNTIL it is achieved no matter how long it takes.

If you signed up for this dream you have, see it through. Don't just abandon it somewhere in the middle.


So if you think you have what it takes, it going to take all you've got! That line might be a cliche, but I have come across too many people not willing to go the distance, simply because they were not willing to give it their all.

Excellence is not about perfection
Excellence is not about money
Excellence is not about ego

Whenever I want to give up at times, I remind myself of this belief I have adopted for my life:
Excellence is:

My passion is my business and my family. My short term goal is to "touch" the lives of my family, clients and community through my business achievements.

My long term goal is to become a millionaire in order to make a bigger contribution to many more peoples' lives than I am currently

Calvin Dorman
  Calvin Dorman  

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