In my One-to-One AutoCad classes, you will learn the tools, functions and commands of
AutoCAD version 2019 and Autodesk REVIT

I have a Level 1 course for a beginner who is new to AutoCAD, as well as a Level 2 course. Here you go on to apply the tools and commands learned in level 1 to your specific industry needs and draw practical plans that you would uniquely draw most of the day.

Once users are familiar with AutoCAD then they can also learn all about Autodesk's 3D capabilities and features by enroling for our REVIT classes.

My focus on One-to-One 12 hours training per intake, sets my training offer apart from most training centres in the Cape Town region. This unique difference gives you five awesome benefits...

cadclass Cape Town
 specializes in getting you skilled quickly and effectivey by presenting One-to-One  AutoCAD 2019 and REVIT training in the northern suburbs of Cape Town,
South Africa.

__Classes are purposely small with as little as 1 or up to 3 students per intake to focus more on AutoCAD /REVIT training on an individual, one-to-one basis. This personal attention is the best method to learn a specialized programme.
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*4 classes, over 2 weeks
*Total: 12 hours training
*2 intakes per month
*Best offer - value for money
*Training presented since 1998
* Ideal venue: (Northern suburbs)
Tygerberg Art school-
* Certification after completion

In my AutoCad classes, you learn the tools and commands of AutoCAD 2019 on a One-to-One basis. It is the best method of improving your skill level in the shortest time possible.